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Future Retro: Our Top 4 Xbox One Launch Picks

Xbox One

With the Xbox One scheduled to hit shelves on Nov. 22, the arrival of the eighth console generation is just around the corner. (The Wii U didn’t count, and — let’s not kid ourselves — the Ouya was dead on arrival.) Despite its disastrous reveal and rather draconian approach to managing used games and always-online DRM (thankfully now defunct), there’s a lot to look forward to from this over-sized VCR. Here’s my top picks for the Xbox One launch titles, including both multi-platform and exclusive games.

Dead Rising 3

There’s no denying it, we love zombies. More importantly, we love killing zombies. Shooting them, stabbing them, cutting them down with a running lawnmower like so many gangrenous dandelions — you want it, Dead Rising 3 has it. With dozens of missions and a variety of wide-open locales, Dead Rising is bigger and better than ever. Appeal to your lust for undead bloodshed in this action-survival horror hybrid exclusively for the Xbox One.

Dead Rising 3

Forza Motorsport 5

After it stole the show at the Xbox One reveal (which is admittedly rather like saying George Carlin stole the show at a Dane Cook performance), Forza Motorsport 5 became one of the most highly anticipated games of 2013. Sleek and shiny, it positively oozes style. With over 200 different vehicles to choose from, you’ll be seeing a lot of high-speed crashes in this Kinect-supported racer.


Killer Instinct

Hard to believe that it’s been almost 20 years since the last Killer Instinct game. In this action-packed reboot of the popular fighting game franchise, players can choose from eight fighters total. That doesn’t seem like much, but Killer Instinct will be a budget game available for purchase at the Xbox Live store. The basic one-fighter package is free for download, while the $39.99 “Ultra Edition” will …


TRT E13 – XBOX One Release, Breaking Bad, Justin Timberlake


In this episode, the guys talk about Justin Timberlake, and if there is a cooler entertainer on the planet right now: from his music, to comedy sketches, he does it all!

They touch on the XBOX One release date and if it will have any impact on PS4 sales.

And finally, they guys wrap up with a Breaking Bad review and their thoughts on how the show will end.