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Underrated Systems – Neo Geo Pocket Color


The Neo Geo Pocket Color, what an amazing underrated system. From a selection of great games, to awesome controls, this system is truly marvelous. But, many people don’t know of it’s existence. You may be wondering, “But, what is a Neo Geo Pocket Color?” Well, let’s open up the systems past, and dissect it!

I thought I’d start with the controls – wow. Just wow. The D-Pad/Analog Stick hybrid is absolutely astonishing. It takes a few minutes to get used to it, but it is one of the best control-sticks I have ever had the pleasure to use. The buttons are also pretty nice to use. The only disappointment for me is the Power and Options buttons, as they aren’t as nice (though they are usable).


The system has an OS to boot to if there is no cartridge present. It has a calender, world time, horo-scope, settings and alarm applications built-in to this device. This is pretty cool, as many other systems at the time didn’t have anything that could compare to this.


The screen is non-backlit. This is a major complaint, as you have to sit on the surface of the sun to see it. However, if you are playing in daylight, it isn’t that distracting. It has a resolution of 160×152, and the screen is 2.6 inches. Not the best screen ever featured on a handheld, but certainly better than the original GameBoy Advance.

Now, time for games. The Neo Geo Pocket Color only has 83 games, plus the 10 monochrome games from it’s predecessor. This is certainly disappointing, but it still has many great titles available.


Games that I know are good are Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure, a port of Pac-Man and Pocket Tennis Color. I’ve only been able to play these, and they were …