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Tecmo Super Bowl 2016 Released


Last year, we covered the release of Tecmo Super Bowl 2015 – A delightful update to the NES classic, Tecmo Super Bowl.

Now that the 2015 season is well underway, the guys over at have fashioned yet another custom rom with updated rosters, formations, and player stats for this year.  Load up NESTopia (I sadly couldn’t get this revision to work with FCEUX) and have some fun!

Check it the download here.  We also have a gameplay video below:



NES Cover Art Awesomeness: Mega Man


This one is tough to explain.  For one, it looks nothing like the Blue Bomber.  That’s just the most obvious part.  Upon further inspection, the drawing is completely crazy.  What are those buildings doing in the background?  Is that a spider-web?  How did things catch fire?  What’s with the gun?

Legend has it that the artist was given a week to do the drawing, with only a vague description of what a “Mega Man” even was.





The most well known add-on with a CD-ROM slot for a retro system would most likely be the Sega-CD (or the Mega-CD, depending on the region that you live in). Nintendo never got to see an add-on for the SNES that added this format. Or did they? In this article, I will talk about the SNES CD add-on, and the more well known “Nintendo Playstation” system.

Back in 1988, the NES had dominated the market, and Sony wanted in on the video game industry. 久夛良木 健 (Ken Kutaragi) bought a Famicom for his kids. He wasn’t impressed. He went to Nintendo, and signed a deal. With the NES successor approaching, Sony would supply the audio chips for the system.


The Famicom already had an add-on called the Famicom Disk System, and this was Nintendo’s first attempt at a disk based add-on. However, it broke often, and was unreliable. Despite this, Nintendo were still keen to use CD-based technology for their systems. Sony noticed this, and went to Nintendo for another deal; Sony would build and release a system that played both SNES cartridge games, and CD games (that Sony would provide).


The Super Disk was finally in development. A few years past, and in 1991, Nintendo re-read the contract they had signed with Sony. They were shocked. Sony (being the evil company they were), had made it so that they had all control over CD based games, and Nintendo got no money from the games.

June 1991; Sony unveils the Nintendo Playstation to the world. Games weren’t the only things this system could play; it could play movies, music, software and more. Nintendo had a plan. The day after Sony unveiled their system, Nintendo showed off the SNES (as planned), but also announced a partnership with Philips (Sony’s rival).…


Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team (NES)


Battletoads & Double Dragon:  The Ultimate Team was a brawler released in 1993 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Developed by Rare and published by Tradewest, the game would later be ported to the SNES and Sega Master Drive.  Interestingly enough, although the game was a cross-over between the two franchises, the game was handled by the Battletoad’s devs and the engine was a Battletoads one.

Old Nintendo Power cover covering Battletoads and Double Dragon's release.
Old Nintendo Power cover covering Battletoads and Double Dragon’s release.

The game lets you choose one of 5 protagonists.  For the first time, all three Battletoads are selectable in a game.  You can also choose either of the two Double Dragon characters.  The game follows a side-scrolling path, where you clear enemies on each screen and eventually a boss at each level.  Once the boss has been defeated, you can then move on to a higher level.


One of the fun things about most brawlers is the co-op gameplay that can be utilized with two players.  However in this one, unlike games like Contra, the continues are overlapping:  so, whenever one player continues, then both players have to start at the beginning of the level.  This doesn’t help a team that has a non-skilled player who might need to be carried through the levels.  No more doing all the work for your little sibling, d’oh!


Battletoads and Double Dragon was well-received upon it’s release, and is still one of the best co-op brawlers ever.  The SNES and Sega versions are usually seen as superior, though, since they are the same exact game but with better graphics and sound.  Either way, this is one NES gem you shouldn’t miss!

Battletoads and Double Dragon Links!
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Silver Surfer is One of the Toughest on the NES


There’s no doubt about it, ask anyone who has compiled a short-list of some of the “hardest” games on NES, and Silver Surfer will make that list.  Featuring a side-scrolling shooter approach, this game had many unforgiving ways to die.  It features The Silver Surfer aiding Galactus on his quest to gain possession of the Cosmic Device.  Supposedly, this is the key to saving The Universe.  However, the mechanics of this NES excursion make that very difficult for the player.

For starters, this game has some really exact techniques that must be followed.  Although there are a healthy amount of enemies to shoot-up, you can also die from touching anything on the screen.  That’s right, The Sky-Rider of the Spaceways can easily be thwarted by a well-placed wall.

Not only are the obstacles well-placed, making things extremely difficult, but the enemies come fast and furiously.  Your only weapon is some kind of energy The Surfer shoots from his hands.  You can’t hold the fire button down, so you have to literally smash the B-button continuously to stand a chance.  If you have an NES advantage, or a controller with turbo, USE IT!!

In our opinion, the graphics aren’t too bad for an NES title, but the exception is the Silver Surfer’s sprite:



Despite the difficulty of the game, there are a few redeeming qualities.  The music was enjoyable and fun, and was praised for it’s technical accomplishments back when the game was released.

We recommend playing Silver Surfer if you want to see just how tough NES games can be!

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