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Project Zomboid – Review

By: Marth


I’ve only penned two video game reviews in my day – this one being the second. My first review was for State of Decay, a sandbox zombie survival game reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto. This review will be focused on an indie Steam game that I recently picked up during the ‘Steam Summer Sale’ called Project Zomboid. According to my track record I love zombie games.

I just want to preface this review by saying this game is not for everyone. It isn’t overly exciting or dramatic. In fact, as far as zombie games in general go this game is pretty darn tame. See what I did there? I said “darn tame” instead of – yeah you get it. Despite the games retro feel and soft approach to the ever popular zombie genre, it does have a certain charm and appeal to it that I do so enjoy.


Graphics are not this games strong suit. There, I said it. In fact, to the Monster energy fueled, backwards hat wearing, rage spewing Call of Duty warriors, a game like Project Zomboid is going to look like something out of the Stone Age. Not since their dads dusted off the Ol’ Commodore 64 and forced them to sit and play a round of Loderunner have these young whippersnappers seen graphics this basic. Alright, that’s a BIT of an exaggeration. But seriously, if supercharged realistic graphics are important to you, Project Zomboid could be slightly disappointing.

You probably won’t be having your neighbors over for a BBQ anytime soon.

The closest comparison graphic-wise I can give would be the inexplicably invincible franchise, The Sims. Honestly, how does that game continue to be rebooted year after year? The Sims is the zombie equivalent of a video game series. …

Radie Games – The Witch’s House

Radie Games

As far as horror games go, this one surprisingly gives more jumps than most big titles.


A cute little indie game made with RPG maker, The Witch’s House offers about an hour and a half of gameplay, not including some excessively aggravating puzzles, which might be short, but considering the nature of the game, it still remains incredibly engaging and fun.


I’m a bit of a softie at heart, and jump scares always catch me out. This game is no exception!  Along with a well thought out storyline, including a twisted ‘truth’ ending (Unfortunately I got the ‘regular’ end on my play – but look it up if you don’t play yourself – it’s great!), The Witch’s House is a great game for anyone looking for something short to play but not to just ‘waste time’ with. The puzzles provide plenty of head scratching, the horror elements will catch you off guard and the game has a lovely soundtrack to boot! Definitely one to check out.

Pixel Press Will Let You Draw Your Own Video Game

Did you ever sit around as a kid and draw video game characters?  Let’s take this one step further:  Instead of characters, did you sit around and draw platformer (Think:  Super Mario Bros) levels that you hoped would one day be real somehow?  I think the guys at Roundthird software did these things too.

My best drawing
Mine always ended up looking like this.

Pixel Press is an upcoming iOS (and hopefully Android) app that will let people take their game-design ambitions to real-life, even without any coding experience.   How it works is this:  The subject prints out a 2-page .pdf file.  One page is instructions, and one page is a proprietary “grid” that the pixel press app recognizes.  The user draws the level on the grid using the guidelines on the instructions page to draw the correct shapes (the app will need to recognize certain shapes, so they can be obstacles, blocks, etc. when translated to the game).  Once the level is drawn, a picture is taken with the iOS device, and the level is scanned into the game using the same technology that makes handwriting recognition possible.  For a full breakdown by the developers, check out this video:


The idea reminds us a lot of something like Little Big Planet.  Both games are more than a “game”, they are a “platform”.  The developer of Pixel Press promises to have user creations downloadable by the entire community so everyone can challenge each other.  Soon after the game is released the best levels will rise to the top via ratings – all of this makes the replayability virtually limitless.  Don’t like drawing by hand?  You’ll be able to play all the levels instead of create them.  Currently, the developers are toying with the idea of an “in-game” level editor that …