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The Hit Squad – A Kickstarter Worth Your Interest

hit squad

Usually I don’t put much faith into Kickstarters.  In the beginning, Kickstarter was a novel concept to help an indy project get funded.  The only ones on my radar in the beginning were games and technology, which made sense.  Over time it became kinda saturated and I started to not take them seriously anymore.  There was a Kickstarter lounge at PAX East this year, but I didn’t really care, although I’m sure there were games in there worth seeing and funding.

This is why I was so surprised when I came across “The Hit Squad” on Twitter; an 8-Bit Pixellated movie about an 80’s band who is trying to reclaim their lost fame in current times.  It reminds me of “This is Spinal Tap”.  The animation in the trailer is very good, and the humor is promised to be full of pop-culture nods.  The most impressive part of it all is that so far it has been animated by just one man,  Chris Blundell.  He is looking for the final £5,000 to finish the movie and release it to the masses on DVD, Blu-Ray, and DRM-free digital download.

I’m not sure if it’s the determination of Chris that has me interested, or the fact that it looks like a hilarious 8-Bit movie that I really wanna see, but this is the first Kickstarter I have ever pledged for, and I don’t feel bad doing it.  Check it out!  He only has a few more days left to reach his goal!  Also, don’t worry, exchange rate will be calculated on checkout.

UPDATE:  It’s been funded!