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What is Retro to You?

By: Marth


If you looked in the dictionary (which is retro in itself now), or more likely google’d the word retro, the definition you would find is:

“Imitative of a style, fashion, or design from the recent past.”

Could be anything right? Now to this Macklemore character and all of his thrift shop raiding hipster friends, im guessing the term retro pertains mainly to clothing. As I think of it, you know what? Don’t touch my grand dads clothes Macklemore. He was a grumpy, grizzled, now deceased war veteran. Do you really think he wants some weird white kid with a fur coat and a half shaved head to prance around in his cardigan while he films his new music video? I assure you, he would not. But to someone like me, a lifelong video game/fantasy movie enthusiast, retro means something completely different.

He wants your Granddad's clothes
He wants your Grand-Dad’s clothes

When someone starts talking to me about retro video games, I’m immediately drawn back to my past. Sitting on my dad’s fold out couch playing Super Mario Bros, River City Ransom and some submarine game that no one else seems to remember. I would give it a shout out except I cant remember the name of it either. Come to think of it, it may have never existed. The point is, those original NES games hold some sort of strange emotional value to me. If I sit down and pop in an NES cartridge, or even a SNES, SEGA or PS1 game for that matter, I am immediately transported back to that time in my life. Not physically of course, but mentally and emotionally. I can vividly remember what the rooms looked like when I was playing. Rooms that existed in houses I haven’t lived in or even seen in over 15 …

The Unknown – by Marth

Even though we like to focus on the lighter side of things, sometimes life gets real, and we believe that it should be addressed.  – Underrated Retro

By:  Marth

Everyone is afraid of something. Most fears are specific, often horrific situations that likely stem from your staying up past your bedtime and witnessing some awful made for TV horror flick as a child. That curious teenager HAD to go investigate the ominous sounds coming from the basement and now that shit is burned into your subconscious. But realistically most fears like grizzly bear attacks, drowning, or your plane plummeting out of the sky and crashing directly into a volcano, are completely avoidable. Don’t go hiking, swimming or flying and you should be ‘A-OK’. Unfortunately there is one thing that is a sure fire, one hundred percent guarantee for each and every one of us. Whether you’re a jet setting billionaire, a homeless beggar or somewhere in between – you are going to die.

So once you wrap your mind around the fact that you can’t avoid death, the fear should subside right? Well for most people, it doesn’t. There was a recent attack of some kind in Boston, Massachusetts during the the Boston Marathon. A couple people were killed, a bunch were injured and even more were terrified. At the same time, my grandmother was admitted to the hospital for a laundry list of health problems. It was a combination of these two occurrences that really got me thinking about the cloak dawning, sickle wielding elephant in the room that is death.


Despite the amount of thinking I have done recently, I really cant extrapolate much on what death is. Because – well because I’ve never died. I’ve also never met anyone that has died and come back to …