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Audio Sprite!

Audio Sprite

Hey guys, we’d like to introduce you to another independent guy in the musical scene:  Audio Sprite.  What started in October 2012, with one man and his guitars, Audio Sprite is a project dedicated to remixing and covering all things musical from the world of video games, movies and TV from days gone by.  We would like to feature Audio Sprite regularly on Underrated Retro, so check back for more tracks!

Here is his remix of Mario 64:  “Once again two tracks run into one, my versions of Bom-Bomb battlefield and Bowsers themes rolled into one :)”

New Music!!

This week in retro gaming music, we have some more beats from Greg!

Also, as a bonus, we’re including a pretty large playlist of 8-Bit music that we subscribe to on Spotify.  Apparently the playlist is updated often by the author, so things will stay fresh!