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Radie Games – Syberia

Radie Games

Radie here! Back again with another game play for you all to enjoy, I’m sharing the experience that is Syberia via my newest series of youtube plays.

The game follows a young woman named Kate on a point-and-click adventure across a fictional europe to finalise the selling of an old factory to a toy company. Need more explanation? There’s a search for a man named Hans who may or may not be alive, a subplot of a failing relationship via cell phone calls and very, very pretty environments.

It’s kind of hard to explain without watching it – so maybe that’s exactly what you should do!

The series currently has two videos up on youtube, with an episode (or two, when you’re lucky) coming out every day this week. Not only that, but I have a selection of other playthroughs in line for you, including going back to an unfinished play from last year! (Here’s a hint, your name is Hero ;D)

Head on over to Radie Games, drop a sub, a like, a comment – get involved!

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Radie Games – Radie’s Back!

Radie Games

After a short hiatus, I am back!
I’ve got plenty of new videos already up, with many more on the way too!

Most recently I’ve been playing Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. Check it out, it’s a horror/vampire-themed rpg! There are already 7 parts in the series!

As well as that, I’ve been (slowly) making my way through Pokémon LeafGreen too!

Sometimes I fancy a change though, so I also have videos up of one-off gaming episodes. These are usually short games or just games I can mess about with. Check me out messing about in Saints Row IV. Why? Cause why not!

So stay tuned for plenty more videos to come!
Head on over to Radie Games, drop me a sub, a like, a comment – get involved!


Why Do I Suck? FTL: Faster Than Light


One game I never thought I would get into was FTL: Faster Than Light.  I’m more of a shooter/platform type of gamer.  The idea of a “space sim” seemed, well, boring.  However, I was quickly addicted to FTL after I gave the tutorial a fighting chance!

The only problem?  I’m really horrible at this game.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve only dumped 3-4 hours into it, but that equated to a few dozen broken-ass Kessler ships and way more dead crew members.  I know most “experts” have played for over 100 hours, but still! I feel like I lose to the most random things.  I guess this is the nature of the beast, though.  The game is extremely random, the only way to hedge against these events is to prepare your ass off.  I can’t seem to get a good stockpile of scrap, though, before stuff really starts to hit the fan.  I also have none of the better ships at my disposal, so I’m somewhat stuck.

Any pointers on one of my random missions?  Check out the video below!

Radie Games – The Witch’s House

Radie Games

As far as horror games go, this one surprisingly gives more jumps than most big titles.


A cute little indie game made with RPG maker, The Witch’s House offers about an hour and a half of gameplay, not including some excessively aggravating puzzles, which might be short, but considering the nature of the game, it still remains incredibly engaging and fun.


I’m a bit of a softie at heart, and jump scares always catch me out. This game is no exception!  Along with a well thought out storyline, including a twisted ‘truth’ ending (Unfortunately I got the ‘regular’ end on my play – but look it up if you don’t play yourself – it’s great!), The Witch’s House is a great game for anyone looking for something short to play but not to just ‘waste time’ with. The puzzles provide plenty of head scratching, the horror elements will catch you off guard and the game has a lovely soundtrack to boot! Definitely one to check out.

Black Ops 2 Zombies – Level 22 MAYHEM

Werdnamh is back with some more Black Ops footage.  Check him out dodging Zombies at level 22.  Personally, we can never even get to level 22, so this is pretty impressive!

For those who don’t play zombies:  Each “level” is actually a wave of zombies.  Each wave gets progressively harder.  If you die (and can’t be revived within a few seconds by a teammate), you’re done.  The average wave we achieve at UR is around 10-12.