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Tecmo Super Bowl 2016 Released


Last year, we covered the release of Tecmo Super Bowl 2015 – A delightful update to the NES classic, Tecmo Super Bowl.

Now that the 2015 season is well underway, the guys over at have fashioned yet another custom rom with updated rosters, formations, and player stats for this year.  Load up NESTopia (I sadly couldn’t get this revision to work with FCEUX) and have some fun!

Check it the download here.  We also have a gameplay video below:


Friday the 13th Cover

Happy Halloween! Here is a Look at a Scary NES Game

Friday the 13th Cover

Friday the 13th is one of those games you can’t help but love, despite all of the hatred.  Released in 1989, The authors of Nintendo Power rated Friday the 13th the sixth worst game ever made in the magazine’s September 1997 issue.  It was touted as having frustrating gameplay and a repetitive musical score.  While that may be true, it still doesn’t take away from the creepiness and dread we felt trying to survive Jason’s wrath.

Even though the ending may be one of the most abrupt and confusing of all-time.

This briefly flashed before the game resets

Bonus Friday the 13th Links:
.:  A very in-depth, fan-made PDF strategy guide of the!
:  We really enjoyed this YouTube walk-through and commentary on the game
:  Guide on how to beat the game in 10 minutes or less
.:  Game Genie codes!
:  These guys open a sealed copy recently. Nostalgia…

Our video:

WWF Legends 2.0 Title Screen

WWF Legends 2.0 is the Best Mod for No Mercy

WWF Legends 2.0 Title Screen

Getting WWF Legends 2.0 going is somewhat tricky for the non-technically-savvy, but once you do, it’s incredible.  It is a mod for the popular N64 wrestling mod apk ios, WWF No Mercy.  Made in 2000, No Mercy was the best professional wrestling game to date.

WWF Legends gives you a fresh take on the game by adding pre-attitude-era wrestlers such as: Jake “The Snake”, Kamala, Hulk Hogan (pre-WCW), Ultimate Warrior, and Earthquake.  Not only that, but there are old school entrance themes, multiple costumes, and commentary by Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura.  The creators over at The Wrestling Legends Forum spent years perfecting this game based on feedback from it’s community.  Needless to say, it’s perfectly executed.

Check out instructions on what to do once you download the package..  All you need is the download here, and a copy of the original No Mercy rom.  No prior emulator required, it’s all included in the download.  Good luck!

Check out some gameplay below!



Underrated Retro – Power Punch II – The Lost Punch Out Sequel

Power Punch II is a boxing video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992, and it has an incredibly interesting back-story.


After the release of their hit, “Punch-Out!!”, Krome Studios Melbourne began developing an official sequel starring Mike Tyson with manager Don King. Originally titled, “Mike Tyson’s Intergalactic Power Punch”, the game was supposed to take the series into outer space where Tyson would participate in an intergalactic boxing tournament against various space aliens.

The game’s production ran into immediate trouble, however, following Tyson’s 1991 incarceration for the rape of Desiree Washington. Beam changed the Tyson character’s name to Mark Tyler and modified King but did little to change Tyson’s in-game character sprite.

Nintendo saw the game and disliked it, refusing to publish it due to lack of quality. Eventually, American Softworks Corp. published the title, and the game was released on the NES as, “Power Punch II”, despite the fact that it was the first Power Punch title.

The story-line of the game is something like this:  Mark “Tough Guy” Tyler (*ahem* NOT Mike Tyson) is the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world, with an Olympic gold medal and a 33-0 (30 KO) record to his claim. After knocking out another opponent with ease, Tyler and his manager taunt the world by saying that no one can stop him. However, the broadcast is picked up far from Earth in the outer reaches of the universe by an alien boxing promoter for the Intergalactic Boxing Federation. The promoter decides to accept Tyler’s challenge that he can beat “anyone”. Thus Tyler is brought into the throes of the universe to compete against the best boxers in the universe and defend his earthly title.


The game-play in Power Punch II is extremely shoddy.  Let’s start with the controls:

Fans of the early Punch Out games will feel at …

The 80's summed up in one photo

Underrated Retro – Anticipation (NES)

The 80's summed up in one photo
The 80’s summed up in one photo



Anticipation was released in 1988 and developed by the same studio that would go on to produce Donkey Kong Country, Goldeneye, and Killer Instinct:  Rare.

However, Anticipation is not your typical Rare game.  It doesn’t have adventurers, or animals, or evil bosses.  In fact, there’s no characters at all in the game.  You are a pair of high heeled shoes, a horn, an ice cream cone, or a Teddy bear.

That’s because instead of trying to save a princess or the world, you’re essentially moving pieces around a board and playing a game of pictionary.  Anticipation was the first board-game that was released for the NES.

The object of the game is simple:  Solve the puzzle, as it’s being drawn, before your opponents, and move across the game board the fastest.   The number of spaces the player moves depends upon the number on a dice, which counts down from 6 as the picture is drawn. Once a player correctly identifies a drawing for each of the four categories on a level, that player rises to the next-higher game board level. The first player to complete every level wins the game.

Four different categories are used on each game board level, tied to the colors of the spaces (blue, green, pink, yellow).

The game is very easy on “easy” difficulty, but really ramps up on “hard”.  In fact, many of the “hard” puzzles are impossible to solve before the computer, which adds a somewhat cheese-factor to the game.

The good thing about Anticipation is you do not HAVE to play with the computer.  It makes full-use of the NES Satellite peripheral, that allowed the player to hook 4 controllers up.

The game can become fun with 4 players, as speed is key to buzz in before your …


Underrated Retro – Wrecking Crew feat. The Vidya Bum

On October 18th, 1985 the NES launched in the United States in NYC. Although Super Mario Bros and it’s progeny would become some of the most beloved games in the NES library, Super Mario Bros didn’t actual release on launch day with the NES. Thats not to say Mario wasn’t present in the launch of the system in the US, Mario was the protagonist of a lesser known game called Wrecking Crew.

The game was designed by Yoshio Sakamoto, who would later go on to work on great games such as Metroid, Kid Icarus, Super Metroid and most recently he’s credited with supervising Nintendo’s much anticipated Splatoon.

Wrecking Crew Retail Box

The player assumes the control of Mario in this arcade style game and instantly you will notice he looks a little funny. He’s wielding a giant hammer and his hat looks like a helmet. Apparently before Mario got into plumbing, he was smashing down buildings and avoiding eggplant men. He also doesn’t seem to be capable of jumping, which the manual explains is a result of the weight of the hammer. The objective here is to smash down walls using whatever means possible.

Once the game begins, you’ll start with 5 lives, you can only lose these lives by coming in contact with an enemy, or by getting hit by a fireball. After you use up the five lives, you’ll get a game over. It’s also fairly easy to trap yourself on a floor with no way to exit, in this instance you must quit the game and start over. Wrecking Crew also has a level select option, so you can skip around levels. Level 100 is no joke.

One of the other characters that makes an appearance in this game is a foreman named Spike. He’ll chase Mario in some levels of …