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The full outfit

NYCC ’13 – Our Spaceballs Cosplay

For New York Comic Con this year, we wanted to go as something completely obscure. One of our favorite movies has always been Mel Brooks’ “Spaceballs”. If you’re unfamiliar with Spaceballs, then you owe it to yourself to check it out! It’s a spoof of Star Wars; starring Rick Moranis, John Candy, Bill Pullman, and Mel Brooks. There are many memorable quotes and moments in this movie that are extremely funny.


The Inspiration

Now, we knew wanted to go as one of the Spaceball soldiers. Mainly because we haven’t seen this done too many times before (only on the web), and it seemed fun to try. The gigantic helmets are hilarious and we knew we wanted to re-create them. However, we hit a few snags with development, and got started somewhat late, so we weren’t sure if recreating the armor was going to be do-able this time around. The next best thing? Be one of the guys who got their uniforms stolen by the main characters during one of the end scenes! We would be able to create one of the helmets, but only have to wear underwear, boots, and gloves.

These particular characters only received about 5-10 seconds of screen-time! Surely, this is obscure enough!  However, not obscure enough to where no one remembers the scene!  Perfect!

"Hey! Those are the guys who stole our uniforms!" "Yeah! And beat the shit out of us, too!"
“Hey! Those are the guys who stole our uniforms!”
“Yeah! And beat the shit out of us, too!”

The Helmets

For the helmets, we used a large plastic lamp dome that is made for outdoor use. Think of the lamp-posts that you see in parks or downtown areas. These can be found at Lowe’s, or various places on the internet.

The dome how it arrived.
The dome how it arrived

Once we dug the domes out of their boxes, we had to make sure we …