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The Unknown – by Marth

Even though we like to focus on the lighter side of things, sometimes life gets real, and we believe that it should be addressed.  – Underrated Retro

By:  Marth

Everyone is afraid of something. Most fears are specific, often horrific situations that likely stem from your staying up past your bedtime and witnessing some awful made for TV horror flick as a child. That curious teenager HAD to go investigate the ominous sounds coming from the basement and now that shit is burned into your subconscious. But realistically most fears like grizzly bear attacks, drowning, or your plane plummeting out of the sky and crashing directly into a volcano, are completely avoidable. Don’t go hiking, swimming or flying and you should be ‘A-OK’. Unfortunately there is one thing that is a sure fire, one hundred percent guarantee for each and every one of us. Whether you’re a jet setting billionaire, a homeless beggar or somewhere in between – you are going to die.

So once you wrap your mind around the fact that you can’t avoid death, the fear should subside right? Well for most people, it doesn’t. There was a recent attack of some kind in Boston, Massachusetts during the the Boston Marathon. A couple people were killed, a bunch were injured and even more were terrified. At the same time, my grandmother was admitted to the hospital for a laundry list of health problems. It was a combination of these two occurrences that really got me thinking about the cloak dawning, sickle wielding elephant in the room that is death.


Despite the amount of thinking I have done recently, I really cant extrapolate much on what death is. Because – well because I’ve never died. I’ve also never met anyone that has died and come back to …


Why LucasArts Will Never Really Die


With LucasArts shutting their doors after 30 plus years, I began to think about my relationship and feelings of ownership towards video games and their developers.  When I heard that LucasArts had shut down, I immediately felt like something precious had been taken away from me. I have not played or invested much time/money into a LucasArts game in years yet I still felt distraught.  I was more upset because of my feeling that I “owned” a piece of LucasArts because they are such a strong part of my childhood and my memories.

I was born in 1985 and growing up I spent a lot of time playing early PC games with my Father.  Him and I spent time blasting dudes in Duke Nukem 3D, Doom, and Wolfenstein, but more then anything else, we spent time playing the many LucasArts games on the PC like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

I haven’t played these games in 20 plus years, but I still feel a strong connection to them and they stick in my head.  I know that right now I could log in to Steam and buy any LucasArts adventure game, but I still feel like I have lost them now that LucasArts has closed their doors.  I can still hear the sound effects, remember the really awkward fighting system, and most of all the feeling of accomplishment when we beat the game, using a really thick strategy guide.  I remember playing those games just as much, or more, as I remember playing any of the recent games I have completed in the last couple of years


It is not that the experience has been taken from me, but I still feel like I have lost something.  I think this is something that all of us …

The Hit Squad – A Kickstarter Worth Your Interest

hit squad

Usually I don’t put much faith into Kickstarters.  In the beginning, Kickstarter was a novel concept to help an indy project get funded.  The only ones on my radar in the beginning were games and technology, which made sense.  Over time it became kinda saturated and I started to not take them seriously anymore.  There was a Kickstarter lounge at PAX East this year, but I didn’t really care, although I’m sure there were games in there worth seeing and funding.

This is why I was so surprised when I came across “The Hit Squad” on Twitter; an 8-Bit Pixellated movie about an 80’s band who is trying to reclaim their lost fame in current times.  It reminds me of “This is Spinal Tap”.  The animation in the trailer is very good, and the humor is promised to be full of pop-culture nods.  The most impressive part of it all is that so far it has been animated by just one man,  Chris Blundell.  He is looking for the final £5,000 to finish the movie and release it to the masses on DVD, Blu-Ray, and DRM-free digital download.

I’m not sure if it’s the determination of Chris that has me interested, or the fact that it looks like a hilarious 8-Bit movie that I really wanna see, but this is the first Kickstarter I have ever pledged for, and I don’t feel bad doing it.  Check it out!  He only has a few more days left to reach his goal!  Also, don’t worry, exchange rate will be calculated on checkout.

UPDATE:  It’s been funded!