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Tecmo Super Bowl 2016 Released


Last year, we covered the release of Tecmo Super Bowl 2015 – A delightful update to the NES classic, Tecmo Super Bowl.

Now that the 2015 season is well underway, the guys over at have fashioned yet another custom rom with updated rosters, formations, and player stats for this year.  Load up NESTopia (I sadly couldn’t get this revision to work with FCEUX) and have some fun!

Check it the download here.  We also have a gameplay video below:


HIR EP27 – Blood Moon Rising

This week, Brandon, Megan, and Eric discuss the Super Blood Moon that was supposed to destroy us all (and of course, it did not).  Brandon feels like balls, Megan is energetic as always, and Eric remains a man of few words as they also discuss past false Apocalypses, “Sea Monstahs” and the mysterious shit in the oceans we don’t know about, and Eric discusses Eli Roth’s long awaited film, The Green Inferno.