Dr Mario (NES – 1990)


I’d trust Mario to save the Princess, and maybe trust him as a go-kart buddy, but I would not allow him to operate on me. It’s just me being extremely cautious! Anyway, Dr Mario is an NES game from 1990. Is it any good? Let’s find out!

Dr. Mario (E) [!]-0

Let’s start with the gameplay. Mario must give pills to kill of any germs in the medical bottle. You must drop the correctly coloured pills onto the right virus. It works in a similar manner to Tetris, where you move the top object on top of others by moving it left and right into the correct position. When four or more germs or capsule halves are in a row, they are removed. You must get rid of all germs in the medical bottle to win. It’s quite a fun idea, but it is quite difficult to play it with an NES controller. That’s the only downside.

Dr. Mario (E) [!]-1

The graphics look quite good for an NES game. Although they are not as good as the graphics from the re-releases. Sure, that may just be a nitpick, but it still needs to be mentioned.

The melodies are quite memorable, but the tracks lack polish. Most retro gamers will be able to tell you what the song Fever sounds like, and some can remember Chill. Though, the same nitpick is in the music as it was in the graphics. The tunes are catchy, but they are still lacking compared to re-releases, and even compared to the original Super Mario Bros. They lack that punch that make the songs stand out.

Dr. Mario (E) [!]-2

So, should you get this game? That really depends. Just because it is good for the NES, doesn’t mean it is good. Unless you are collecting games for the NES, or want it as show-off piece, don’t get this game. The game may be fun, but the re-releases are much better. Tetris came 6 years before, and was much better. However, it is a cool game, in it’s own right. Just because it has problems, doesn’t mean it should be ignored. It should be looked at as a relic of the NES, but shouldn’t be chosen over the modern incarnations of this game.

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