Sonic Dash Review (iOS, Android and Windows 8)

I promise this’ll be the last Sonic article for a while! But, Sonic Dash…. what? Some mobile game? Let’s see what this is!

I may have played this game for a little over a few hours…

There is no story. You most likely expected that, but if Sonic Runners can have one, there is no excuse for this game not to. A bit disappointing.


The graphics are pretty good. It looks better than Sonic Boom, so that is a start. Some of the UI looks pixelated, but that is a problem with the Unity engine rather than the game itself (I would know, I’ve had this same problem before).


The music is great. The tracks are modern remixes of classic themes. An example is Seaside Hill; that has a modern remix in this game. I think there are new tracks as well, but I can’t really tell. Overall, great music!


The gameplay is literally Temple Run. Collect rings, try not to get hit, destroy enemies, et cetera. Not really an original idea. There are powerups, but they get boring and repetitive after a while. The bosses also suck. Move left and right to avoid bombs/stars. They are really bad, and every time I play the game, I try and skip the boss. Yet I can’t as they are mandatory.

The game controls well, it just doesn’t feel like a Sonic game. Which is a problem. As, well, you know… IT IS A SONIC GAME! But, moaning about it not being conventional is just nitpicking. Other than that, it’s fine.


One last point I want to make is this game not only markets Sonic, it markets other things as well. Why are Angry Birds in this? Why are you trying to sell me other games?

Should you get this free to play app? No. Just get Sonic 1 Remastered, Sonic 2 Remastered, and Sonic CD Remastered on iOS and Android. They are great games, and even though they are paid, they are much more fun than this game.

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