Mega Man 3 Review


Megaman III: I can now hear you screaming in excitement. I really like this game, along with everyone else (it helps me forget that I spent all of yesterday trying to finish Bubsy 1) . But what makes it so good? Let’s find out!

Note: I will be playing the “Wily Wars” version for the Megadrive and Genesis, though I will be reviewing both games in one. The game is exactly the same on NES, just with 8 bit graphics and music. The game controls the same, and the music tunes are the same.

NES 1Megadrive 1

Let’s start with the music. As I am typing this, I am listening to the music. This music is awesome, but a better word to describe it is outstanding. The NES music is really nice, and the Genesis soundchip (for the most part) makes it even better. Search the music on YouTube, you will not regret it.

NES 2 Megadrive 2

The NES graphics are on par with Megaman 2, so no complaints. The Megadrive version has better graphics, so there is no need to moan. I’d say the graphics on both games are on par, the NES and Genesis have distinct graphic styles, so there is no comparison.

NES 3 Megadrive 3

The story takes place in 200X (an unspecified year). Dr Wily becomes “friends” with Dr Light again (after failing to get world domination twice), and they start building a robot named Gamma. However, the Robot Masters in charge of the mining worlds go berserk and run off with Gamma’s 8 power crystals. Rock (Megaman) is then sent off with Rush (his robot dog), to retrieve the crystals.

The story is very good, especially for an NES/Megadrive game. It’s a cool story, I just wish it was not the overused *Spoilers* bad guy pretends to be good but then they are actually evil. I just think it’s a bit overplayed in media. But, other than that, it’s fine.

NES 4 Megadrive 4

The game controls the same as Megaman 2. But there is a new addition to Rock’s moveset: Rush. He is a dog that can transform (just like Rock) so his moveset is different. Why is this good? Well, it means it is much more rewarding to find secret passages as if you see a reward, you most likely will be able to get to it one way or another.

NES 5 5_2

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Hello elephant! But seriously, the game is really harsh when you get a Game Over. Just listen to the Game Over music and you will see what I mean.

Should you play this game? Of course. It’s an awesome game, with awesome graphics, accompanied with awesome music. Just play the game. You will not regret it.

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