LisseRocket EP12 – What Happened to The Pen? Part Two


The first half of this episode Lisse discusses Doug Benson again and her hopes to start up the hashtag #LisseRocketGettingDoug, so please help her. Lisse also talks about her experience at The Comedy Mix in Vancouver and Will Sasso sticking the mic in her face because of her laugh, and how her laugh took over the evening.

This episode also has a shout out to Ron Funches as he is in Vancouver this week and Lisse can’t afford to go see him.   Warning:  There are some serious comedian shout-outs throughout the episode, so if you don’t recognize a name, just toss it into Google.

The second half is the rest of the interview with Shawn Morozza….and you finally find out what happened to the pen.


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