Is Sonic The Hedgehog (Sonic ’06) Really That Bad?


Last week I wrote about ET being counted as “the worst game of all time”. This week, I decided to try and tackle another game that is hated by many; Sonic ’06. Many call this “the worst Sonic game”, and “if you like it, you must be crazy”. But, is it really as bad as people say? Let’s find out!


Let’s start with the story: Why did they decide to make the story this bad? I would usually try and explain the story, but this story is so putrid, so bad, that I just can’t. I have no idea who thought this story was good. This story is also so convoluted, that it would take over 9000 years to explain. If you want to see the story in it’s entirety, watch Sonic ’06 The Movie. Actually, scratch that. The story sucks, and you shouldn’t go and watch it.


The graphics look a lot like an early PS3/360 game. But, they decided to put the anthropomorphic characters inside a “realistic” world. Most of the main animal characters (Sonic, Tails, Silver, ect) have mediocre models with poor animations. The humans are very bland, and have terrible models AND animations. So the graphics are pretty meh.


The music is some of the best in the whole series. Seriously, even if you hate the Sonic franchise, you still need to hear the music. The world tracks and atmospheric tracks are both amazing. Just listen to the music. Please. It’s one of the main things you should own from this game.


The gameplay is very similar to Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. There are 3 main hedgehogs that you can play as, with 3 slightly different move-sets. These are Sonic (obviously), Shadow and newcomer Silver the Hedgehog. The levels are different, so you won’t get bored.


However, it wouldn’t be a Sonic game without glitches. And this game is notorious for glitches. You will glitch through walls, beach slide for no reason, gravity will stop, get stuck on rails and more. The loading times are dreadful.



But, I never encountered that many glitches. I saw glitches in Crisis City mainly, but the other levels were fine. Another time I saw glitches is when I went glitch-hunting. But, that was it. Maybe it was how I played it; I already knew how the glitches occur, so I avoided them. Not really sure.


People defend this game saying “it was rushed”! I reply *Spoilers (not sure if anyone cares)* “Sonic would still die and be kissed by Elise at the end!” So, there is no excuse for this game to be so bad.


But, back to the original question: is it really as bad as some people say? I’d say no. Even though you shouldn’t go out of your way to get this game, it’s not the “worst Sonic game” (I’d say that goes to the boring Sonic games). A game is supposed to be fun, and this game is pretty fun. But, it’s mainly fun when you are “let’s playing” it, or playing it with a friend nearby. The glitches add to the hilarity, so they aren’t that bad. I still wouldn’t get this game, but sadly, I’ve played it enough already. Just stick with Generations, or the classic games.

Because, staying retro is sometimes the answer.

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