Top Gear Rally Review


Where do I start with this game? It is such a strange combination of good and bad, that it is interesting to play. But, is this game good, or worse than mouldy bread that you left in your bread bin? Let’s find out!


Let’s start with the plot. There is none. Didn’t expect that, did you? You did? Anyway, this is just a racing game, where you race against other drivers. That’s it. The full plot. Nothing wrong with it though, as a racing game doesn’t need to be about saving a princess.

The game play is the same as every other racing game; drive around a track, and overtake other players. We all know how a racing game works.


The graphics are mediocre. If you compare it to other 3D games on the N64, it isn’t anything special, and it is worse than other games. However, if you compare it to 2D games, this game looks amazing. But, this was for the N64. So, they aren’t great graphics, but they are much better than other games (on older systems) that came before it.


The controls are also mediocre. They control fine, but there is one problem; they are exaggerated massively. By this, I mean that if it you are playing the game, a slight tap of the analogue stick will send you in a 360 degrees turn.

However, the controls make the game very fun to play. It makes it hilarious to go and spin off the tracks. Yes, this is bad design, but you cannot help laughing at the results.


The music is really good, and can rival some of the best video game music.  You would listen to these tracks in your spare time.

One problem with the game is with it’s name; why relate it to Top Gear just to generate sales? It has nothing to do with Top Gear (for the most part), and seems like a marketing scheme to increase sales. If it was called “The most amazing rally game with gears”, it would have been fine (though we may have not seen a sequel).

Should you buy this game? If you like retro games, like racing games, or play the N64 with your friends, it may be fun to play. But, if you aren’t that much of a fan of racing, then this game isn’t for you.

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