Sonic Eraser Review


Didn’t expect this obscure game, did you? Sonic Eraser is a game that was exclusively for the MegaNet service. However, this game seems to be more of a cheap tie-in game, and doesn’t live up to the quality of the original trilogy. Also, this game makes a great game for Valentines Day (that’s actually a lie; don’t give your Sega fangirl wife this game, because there are better games than this). So, in this article, I will review Sonic Eraser.


The first thing to point out is the game is in Japanese. But, it is also in English. The instructions/How to play screen is in Japanese, and there isn’t an option to turn it to English. But for the UI, some of it is in English (like text that says “1 Player” and “2 Player”).

There is no story for this game (as far as I can tell). I can’t read all of the Japanese text, so I cannot be sure about this. With all I know about Hiragana, and a mix of Google Translate, the pages in the title book include the controls, the gameplay and the credits, but no story.


The gameplay is a mix between Tetris and Columns. You can’t rotate the blocks, you can only change the order of them, and move them left and right. When they land, they are affected by gravity. This is a nice change from other games, but it’s nothing revolutionary.

The graphics in this game are alright. It uses some sprites from the main games, but the new graphics (like the new UI or the blocks). I wouldn’t say it looks as good and vibrant as Sonic 1 or Sonic 2, but it doesn’t look terrible like Sonic 3D: Flickies Island. They hold up, only for the reason that the graphics are simplistic.


The music is some of the worst game music on the MegaDrive. Admittedly, it’s not as bad as the Crazy Bus theme, but it’s nowhere near as good as other Sonic games. Throughout the whole game, there is only one track. ONE TRACK. ONE TERRIBLE SHORT LOOP. You’re not going to be listening to this track in your free time.

So, is this game worth playing? No, it is not worth playing. If you are a Sega fan or a Sonic fan, I would recommend trying the game for yourself. But, you’ll probably end up going back to Columns or Tetris.

If you do want to play the game, though, you’ll need to find the ROM online. Since this was exclusively for the MegaNet service, you’ll won’t be able to find a cartridge (as there isn’t one). But, it may be a waste of your time, as the game is nowhere near as good as other games.

Here is my let’s play of Sonic Eraser: 

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