Mega Man 2 Review

I’ve been looking forward to reviewing Megaman 2 for a while. While the first game was mediocre, this sequel was one of the best games in the series. And this series has had many great games! (Though they still couldn’t get the box art right!)


Let’s start with the two games that are named Megaman 2 (also known as Rockman 2 in Japan). You have the original NES version of Megaman 2, and you’ve also got Megaman: the Wily Wars. These games are both the same, the only exception is that the Megadrive game is a 16 bit compilation, while Megaman 2 is the original. Since they are nearly identical, I will be reviewing & playing both of the games in this one review.

megaman2-016 Mega-Man-The-Wily-Wars

The story takes place after the original Megaman game. Dr Wily has built a new fortress, and a new army of robot henchmen. Defeat him. The story isn’t “Attack of the Mutant Penguins”, but what is? But, in all seriousness, the story is pretty good for an NES game. I can’t really complain.

The physics are pretty good. They are quite similar to Mario and Sonic games, but they aren’t as good. The jumping is very strange. You get used it after a while, though you can still notice the poor jumping physics while playing. Overall, not great physics, but not as bad as Super Mario Land for the GameBoy.


Graphic-wise, this game is amazing for both an NES game, and a Megadrive game. The NES version has retro graphics that fit with the whole game style. The Genesis port has updated graphics, though it still has that Megaman style. Overall, very impressive graphics.


The music in this game complements the gameplay nicely. Sadly, you don’t really listen to it while playing, as you are really focused on the actual game. And the actual music isn’t that catchy (excluding a few tracks). It’s not that a big problem, but is still something that could have been improved.

Edit: After playing through the whole game 3 more times (I like this game a lot), I kept humming the music tracks (especially the Dr Wily theme). My opinion has changed quite a bit, but only a few tracks really stand out. Those that do stand out are awesome, though.

The actual game is really fun to play, and if you are a fan of the Megadrive or the NES, you should buy it. It is great.

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