Underrated Systems – Epoch Game Pocket Computer

The Epoch Game Pocket Computer is an obscure system from 1984. It is disappointing that this console only had 5 official games released. It was only released in Japan, and even though this was one of the first handheld consoles, it was a failure. This was not the first handheld system, that title goes to Microvision. 


The console had an LCD screen with a resolution of 75×64. It could produce graphics at a level equivalent to early Atari 2600 games. It required 4 AA batteries, though it could last about 70 hours on these batteries. This console had a 6MHz NEC microprocessor, and supported up to 16K ROM cartridges. This console had 4 buttons, an 8-way joypad, a sound on-off switch and a contrast dial.


I believe this system is underrated as it was an interesting system, and many people don’t realize that it exists. This console is overshadowed by the Gameboy, the GameGear, and the Atari Lynx.

Only 5 games exist for this console, and as a result it didn’t sell very well. Astro Bomber was one of the titles available for the system. This game is based upon the Konami game, Scramble. It is an interesting game, and it is also quite fun.


Another game for the system is Block Maze, has the same concept as Pengo. You must push 4 central blocks into each corner. This game is also an interesting concept, though not original (this is a port of Pengo, just for an inferior game system).


Sadly, these are the only interesting games available for the system. The 3 other games include Mahjong, Reversi and Sokoban (warehouse keeper). Some programs built into the system include 11-puzzle and a paint program.

If they would have bundled a game with the system, and made more games, this system could have been a huge success. But, as this didn’t happen, the system faded into obscurity. It’s a shame, really. The system was amazing for its time, but bad management caused the system to become insignificant. I would only recommend this system to people trying to complete their gaming collection. If you enjoy games, and don’t care about collecting, this system is not for you.

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