Super Mario Land Review

Warning: this article contains opinions. You may have a different opinion, and that is alright. But, please don’t hate me for having a different opinion!!


Super Mario Land on the Gameboy; The first Gameboy Mario game. This game is awesome. But, sadly, it is not without its flaws.


Firstly, lets start with the graphics; these sprites are a let down. They are very pixelated, and it doesn’t help that the Gameboy screen has bad ghosting. It is difficult to see the enemies, and even if there was no ghosting, the sprites are very low quality. You can tell that this is for the Gameboy, and was an early release (unlike the sequel, that has graphics better than the NES games).

Mario clipping through a block, due to the poor collision detection.

The controls are nowhere near as good as the NES or SNES titles, though it isn’t as bad as some of the Mario ripoffs. The thing that makes the control in this game worse, is the collision detection. While playing the game, I found myself trying to destroy blocks, only to go through the block. This is because destroying blocks require the players hand to hit the block, not the whole player.

The music is top notch. It is really catchy, and you will find yourself bobbing your head to the awesome tracks. I really like all the tracks, and it is one of the most loved soundtracks from a Mario game. It really is a great soundtrack, and even if you hate Mario, you should listen to it on YouTube.

The level design is not too great either. Although each level in a world has different design, the layout is pretty repetitive. It is only noticeable if you play the levels over and over again. So, not too bad, but not amazing.


The game is worth a buy, just because it is a Mario game. If you are a video game collector, you should buy this as this was the first Mario game on the Gameboy. You can have a lot of fun with this game. But, I would not recommend this game to people who want to start the series (if you are, try the NES game, Super Mario Bros).

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