WWF Legends 2.0 is the Best Mod for No Mercy

WWF Legends 2.0 Title Screen

Getting WWF Legends 2.0 going is somewhat tricky for the non-technically-savvy, but once you do, it’s incredible.  It is a mod for the popular N64 wrestling mod apk ios, WWF No Mercy.  Made in 2000, No Mercy was the best professional wrestling game to date.

WWF Legends gives you a fresh take on the game by adding pre-attitude-era wrestlers such as: Jake “The Snake”, Kamala, Hulk Hogan (pre-WCW), Ultimate Warrior, and Earthquake.  Not only that, but there are old school entrance themes, multiple costumes, and commentary by Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura.  The creators over at The Wrestling Legends Forum spent years perfecting this game based on feedback from it’s community.  Needless to say, it’s perfectly executed.

Check out instructions on what to do once you download the package..  All you need is the download here, and a copy of the original No Mercy rom.  No prior emulator required, it’s all included in the download.  Good luck!

Check out some gameplay below!


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