The Technician – A Home Grown RPG Preview

The Technician

The Technician is an upcoming RPG (PC & Mac) created by Indie Developer, Tyler Clark, set in a world that will remind players of 90’s-era pixel art games.  Right now, the game is in the last stages of it’s Kickstarter campaign, and we’d like to urge our readers to take a look!

We had a chance to talk to Tyler and get some exclusive insight into the project!  His vision for the game is quite simple:  Create an experience that players are familiar with, but push the limits of the games everyone grew up with. With the newer game engine, Clark is able to do everything that wasn’t technologically possible during the 90’s, and in turn make a modern-day adaption to the projects that made us all fall in love with gaming.

They are also trying to get away from the calamity that is modern gaming. You know, where you seem to take multiple .556 rounds to the chest and manage to kill your opponent.  They’re focusing more on ordinary people in extraordinary situations, as opposed to “The invincible vs. The unstoppable” game style.

Conflict in the game isn’t usually solved by running into a building and shooting everything you see to get to the objective. But instead, the player’s intelligence is tested as they cut the power to the building, pick the lock to the back door, sneak past the guards in the dark, and obtain the objective without getting caught. Clark feels this will give a much more relate-able, and in turn, immersive experience.

The Technician

In the game, you’re an average kid who takes care of his little sister, fresh out of college and you actually landed a job that doesn’t involve bagging groceries.  The story begins about six months after his first day of work. So he’s already made friends, enemies, has an apartment, and understands his place in the company.

Then his friend, along with some pretty important research, goes missing. His house is trashed, no one at work seems to know where he could have gone, and then the player finds there first clue, learning that the friend definitely didn’t go voluntarily.


So the character is sent on this huge quest with his little sister (who won’t let him go alone) to find the lost friend.  They literally go through fire & Ice, along with dozens of other massive environments to find small clues indicating where the friend could have been.

Along the way the player will meet hundreds of other loveable characters who have enhanced AI, a moral gauge, and a special mechanic that we’ve been working on called “Right Place, Right Time”.

Technician - Puzzles

The RPRT mechanic dictates what events will be in what locations at what time. For instance, the player can find a fisherman who can help the player complete an objective, but can only be found at the lake at “optimal fishing times”.

As of now, there are nine total endings for the game, and all depend on the choices you make throughout the game.

The Technician is coming soon!  Only a $5 pledge will guarantee you a copy of the game.  There are more tiers and more rewards to be had, so take a look!

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