Radie Games – Syberia

Radie Games

Radie here! Back again with another game play for you all to enjoy, I’m sharing the experience that is Syberia via my newest series of youtube plays.

The game follows a young woman named Kate on a point-and-click adventure across a fictional europe to finalise the selling of an old factory to a toy company. Need more explanation? There’s a search for a man named Hans who may or may not be alive, a subplot of a failing relationship via cell phone calls and very, very pretty environments.

It’s kind of hard to explain without watching it – so maybe that’s exactly what you should do!

The series currently has two videos up on youtube, with an episode (or two, when you’re lucky) coming out every day this week. Not only that, but I have a selection of other playthroughs in line for you, including going back to an unfinished play from last year! (Here’s a hint, your name is Hero ;D)

Head on over to Radie Games, drop a sub, a like, a comment – get involved!

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