How is The PS4’s Launch Going?

PS4 Launch

There’s no denying it — Sony slaughtered its rivals at this year’s E3. Though most of their work was cut out for them when it came to competing company Microsoft’s corporate suicide, their lighthearted jabs at the Xbox One’s then-current always-on DRM and used games policies won them the favor of the gaming community at large. But all the good press in the world doesn’t mean a thing without good sales. Now that the PlayStation 4 has been released, how has Sony held up?

Who can forget Sony’s E3 used games commercial?

The numbers don’t lie. Upon its North American release on Nov. 15, the PlayStation 4 sold over 1 million copies in 24 hours. At $399 — $100 cheaper than top competitor Xbox One — and possessing the unique ability to convert smartphones and tablets into a second screen by connecting it to the system with the PlayStation App, the PS4 caught the collective attention of the hardcore gamer crowd. Its non-imposing approach on trading used games and strong launch line up didn’t hurt things, either.

So, now that you have your PS4, what games should you buy?

“Knack”, a colorful platformer that had the honor of being the first PS4 game to have gameplay footage released to the public, is a charming, if somewhat flawed, take on the genre with gameplay not unlike that of “Crash Bandicoot”. Taking on the role of the eponymous Knack, players discover his “knack” for changing size and absorbing elements into his body.


Another interesting launch title is Guerilla Games’ “Killzone: Shadow Fall”, a first-person shooter released exclusively for the PS4. The sixth game in the “Killzone” series, it follows protagonist Lucas Kellen, an agent in the Vektan Security Agency. Tasked with fighting off the villainous extra-terrestrial Vektans, he sets off to avenge his father, who was killed in a Vektan attack when he was a child. Sporting fast-paced actions and some truly impressive visuals, “Shadow Fall” is an excellent alternative to “Call of Duty: Ghosts” for FPS fans.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

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