The Voices Inside Mikey’s Head: The Killing Joke

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Hello, all!  We’d like to bring you something special today.  Our friend over at Alpha Nerdage TV, Michael Bencic, loves all things nerd-related.  That includes, movies, music, video games, and comics.  He is one of the most entertaining fellows we know, and also he’s one hell of a freehand tattoo artist.

In what we hope to turn into a regular Podcast, Mikey B. gives Underrated Retro, “The Voices Inside His Head”, a fun peek into his life and his aspirations for voice acting.   His favorite character to voice is also his favorite comic book character (other than Deadpool):  The famous psychotic clown and Batman’s greatest nemesis, The Joker.

Please listen and follow along with the art panels as Mikey reads, “The Killing Joke”, the way no one else can!

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