Pikmin 3 – Bite Sized Enjoyment

Pikmin on the mind
Pikmin on the mind

As someone who has never played a Pikmin game, I was way too excited to play the latest release from Miyamoto. I assume part of it is because of the lack of games to play on my WiiU but I think it mostly has to do with the amount of media/marketing Nintendo has put into this game. I honestly believe that the “Nintendo Directs” have been one of the best things Nintendo has been doing the last couple years.

On to the game! Story is: a group of space adventurers crash on a planet, ship breaks up, they need to recover a blah blah blah I’m already bored. Listen, if you are playing a Miyamoto game for its story you are going to be disappointed. Yes, the narrative drives the game but the fun you will have comes from the gameplay and the world.


One of my favorite things about the WiiU games so far have been the sheer amount of control options at your disposal. For Pikmin you can use gamepad with TV, gamepad alone, wiimote + nunchuck, pro controller, pro controller w/ gamepad, & wiimote + nunchuck w/ gamepad. My choice is the last. You use the nunchuck to control your space dude and pointing at the screen with the Wiimote controls your aiming reticule. With MotionPlus the accuracy is amazing. The game pad acts as a map with some random messaging stuff built in for some cool second screen features, but most of its use comes from the map feature. On the map you can assign your space dudes to move to a location so you don’t have to control them, which is great considering you are multitasking between three characters.


Pikmin 3 is a game that combines RTS with an action/adventure/puzzle game for some great times. Controlling your army of Pikmin to solve puzzles is fun, and none are really that difficult but do require you to manage your army efficiently. The action is quick and bite sized, with each “level” taking place during a day. Each day is fueled by juice that you gain from harvesting fruit from the planet. On average I am pulling in 3-4 juice a day, and considering you only use 1 juice per day you have loads of time to get your work done. You can replay a day if you want to work on your strategy, and this is something I have done a few times if I really wasted some time on a puzzle. I assume later I will want to go back and try to speed run each day, but for right now I am enjoying the games pace.


I have yet to complete the game, but what I have played I have enjoyed. I can’t comment on the amount of content, multiplayer, or the challenge mode but I will update this post in the feature to include that. If you are looking for a reason to buy the Wii U I would say this is it. Not just this alone but with NintendoLand, Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros. U, & the great amount of indie/eShop content the Wii U definitely deserves a spot in your living room.

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