Deadpool: The Game – Review


By Mikey Bencic

Without hyperbole, this is the most important review I have ever written. Yes. For Deadpool. The Video Game. I’m not kidding. Stop pointing and laughing. It’s because I don’t just like Deadpool. Or love. Or adore. I idolize. I relate. I giggle. I black mailed Marvel to base a comic book on me, Mikey B. I AM Deadpool. Opps…slip. Spin spin spin reeeewind. Often imitated, never duplicated (sometimes, cloned or in parallel universe form, however). Deadpool is tattooed on my skin, and in my heart. If you have to ask why I love Deadpool… well, you can go to HELL, that’s why!

See, not kidding about the Deadpool tattoo!
See, not kidding about the Deadpool tattoo!

Wade’s popularity seemed to squirm its way to the top over the last 7-10 years. Deadpool’s fans and reasons for fandom is as colourful and varied as his multiple and outlandish personalities. He can’t really die. Likes nunchucks and explosives. His sins include: gluttony, murder, adultery, potty-mouth-iness. Canadian icon, Deadpool belongs in Toon Town with Roger Rabbit, not in the Marvel Universe with Cable. A luck-prone villain. A hero even Howard the Duck can snub. Yet, here he is. A comic book character that is fully self aware that he is being abused in fictitious entertainment in order to entertain US. You and I. Deadpool’s existence as an actual ‘Marvel’ Universe citizen, allows creators to bend, break and twist the rules of everything and one that comes across his path during a story.

Worlds collide
Deathstroke having issues with his brother from another publisher

I have LOVED Deadpool for many years. One of my favorite artists ever, Ed McGuinness (an amazing man, talent, and Deadpool enthusiast) HOOKED me early, on the potential of Deadpool to cross over all ideas and media. Yes, I am name dropping, go fuck yourself. While Ed was ending his run on Deadpool with Joe Kelly?? (some jackass nerd will certainly correct this, so fuck research), he shared his hopes that the little hints of wild ideas being littered throughout the Wade Wilson continuity wouldn’t just be a joke. The only joke, it turns out, are on fans who take comic book characters a little too seriously and the insults Deadpool cranks on the world around him. Cripes, enough of the bullshit. Read Wade-apedia for more info.

Only Wade seems to understand the “fourth wall”

So, the game! The game, the game. Game. The. So. The real question is why do YOU want to play this game? Is it because you agree with every above statement praising the word of the Wade? If that IS the case, then go no further. Play the game immediately. Don’t read any more reviews, or wikis, or previews. This is the live action movie CGI simulation we will NEVER ever experience. Ever. This, is the games greatest asset. Entertaining we Deadpool fans, with Deadpool greatness, beyond the 2D typical borders. Pure immature low-brow silly wicked-awesomeness.

However, the action and violence, which also defines Deadpool, feels constrained. Every time I feel the ninja-commando is about to bust out into something bigger, better and crazier, it just flows into a lot more of the same, or at least it feels the same in the hands of this veteran nerd. As the story and locales expand, more space and enemies and upgrades can feel more dramatic and satisfying than SOME action video games, but not close enough to classics the likes of Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, or God of War. Sure, Deadpool isn’t a mystical character, and needs to be treated/adapted differently, but there’s simply too many great comparable games available so affordably that never feel stifled or restricted.


Yet, those games, no matter how wonderful, aren’t and will never be, a Deadpool video game. That’s exactly why your adoration is the deciding factor. High Moon, Activision, and Marvel all seem determined to give us a satisfying Deadpool entertainment product, but there’s a lack of simple extras that every other comic book game in the history of modern games has included. Collectors items. Hidden surprises. Easter eggs. Bonuses. Extra levels. Multiplayer. Activision practically defined this expectation with Spider-Man on the Playstation One in 2000 (?, I think). Deadpool has zero extras. Zilch. Zip. Nadda. Ouch. As a fan of the game, the character, the genre, the studio (Transformers + High Moon = Nerd erection) I feel this is huge void that we enjoy and was likely cut or never utilized as a budget cutting device. Understandable and forgivable especially considering the $49.99 (!) price point! Brand new shit at low-low prices is a great and enticing incentive that gamers deserve.


For all the ups and downs, Deadpool The Game spews personality by the porn-full, along with profanity, blood, groans, silliness, action, strippers, X-Men, spandex, guns, explosives, stabby-sticks, spaziness, smiles, tacos, puke, suicide, references, and most of all FUN to make up for the lack of game-pushing boundaries. A Deadpool fan can’t give enough hand-jobs at High Moon… I meant High FIVES. Sorry. Must concentrate… “A Deadpool fan can’t give enough high-fives at High Moon studio for the effort to please us with a new Deadpool experience truly unlike any in the character’s history.”

Now, get outta here you rascals. Get some fucking fresh air.

*Deadpool The Video Game. Reviewed by Michael Bencic. Game provided by Activision for review purposes.

Mikey B is the proprietor of Duke Inkem Tattoos
Mikey B is the proprietor of Duke Inkem Tattoos and Alpha Nerdage TV


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