Some More Kickstarters Worth Your Interest

Kickstarter has emerged as one of the best ways for a small developer to seek attention for their independent game project.  I would like to share and give a rundown of a few that I’m giving my hard-earned Washington’s to this month:


Boston Festival of Indie Games 2013 – Not your “typical” Kickstarter because this is for an event and not a physical product.  However, this is interesting because of how accessible the event is; and how inexpensive each pledge is compared to the value that you receive in return.  For only $5, you get an “advanced” attendee pass and your name on the website.  Double that ($10), and you’ll get your name in the physical program as well.  They have a number of more tiers after this which give a wide variety of rewards – ranging from concept art and t-shirts, to playable game bundles from independent studios.

A pledge is not required for attendance to the festival, as it is FREE for anyone who wishes to attend.  The festival is on Saturday, September 14, 2013, at MIT in Boston, Massachusetts.

A.N.N.E – A pretty cool-looking game that brings me back to to my SNES and NES days.  As the creator professes, it’s a “Metroid-Vania” game, which means it’s most closely related to platforming games like Metroid and Castlevania.  However an open-world RPG element is promised – with the ability to gain XP and level up your character’s abilities.  The pixelized art-style is gorgeous and the game has some unique presentation, such as a camera that zooms in or out, depending on if you are in a vehicle or on foot. 

The cost to back the game starts at $1 (to high-five the developer), but the game can be purchased at a starting pledge of $10 for a DRM-free copy when it’s released in March, 2014.  From there, you can pledge to guarantee yourself numerous rewards – such as an SNES-style booklet and cartridge.  It looks like a lot of work will be put into making this game’s presentation extra special, so it can hit you right in the nostalgia-feels.  You definitely want to check out this game’s Kickstarter page and watch the gameplay videos!


Rex Rocket – Inspired by epic 8-bit adventure games, Rex Rocket is an Indy game that is getting some early buzz on gaming-journalism websites.  Made by two Indie developers, the game promises to be a blast back to your childhood; if that childhood included playing games like Mario, Metroid, and Mega Man.

The game is all hand-made pixel art and looks amazing.  It promises to have expansive levels with hazards, enemies, and puzzles that will test even the best retro gamer’s abilities.  The soundtrack is a chiptunes affair by musical artist, Saskrotch and will add to the authentic retro feel.

The cost to back the project starts at $5, but a $10 pledge will net you a DRM-free version of the game on release day in January.  The pledging tops out at $150 – where the developers promise you an NPC named after you, with dialogue written by you as well!  Finally, you can immortalize yourself in pixels!

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